Cost of the Program

All Fees are in TT Dollars

Program Details Costs
Application Fee $100
Semester: Enrolment Fee
[$100 per Semester (x6)]
Semester: Materials/textbooks
[$100 per Semester (x6)]
Semester: Admin/Overhead
[$100 per Semester (x6)]
Certificate Tuition
[$300 (x 30 credits)]
Diploma Tuition per credit
[$360 (x 35 credits)]
Advanced Qualification
[$3600 less Scholarship*]
Graduation Fee (est) $640

The are no large outlays of funds. Tuition may be contracted by the month, Semester, or year. Materials, textbook/syllabi, and graduation fees are due the Semester in which they are received.

Tuition cost of Certificate-level award: $ 9000 plus $ 900 in fees
Tuition cost of Diploma-level award: $ 12600 plus $ 900 in fees
Total cost of the Course of Study w/YES Scholarship is $23400

However, for a limited timeā€¦

The cost of tuition will be reduced by 50%

With the Merit Scholarship of $3600, a 50% reduction in tuition fees and a no-interest
Y.E.S. Loan, the program cost may be paid in 28 monthly payments of $450 to cover
tuition and fees. Students with financial hardships may request additional support
from the Y.E.S. Fund