Yearly Endowed Scholarship (Y.E.S.) Fund


AIM is a not-for-profit organization and as such depends on donations from supporters. While businesses rely on sales and governments depend on appropriations, nonprofit organizations are sustained in large part by voluntary contributions. Although schools receive tuition and fees, these sources are never enough to build and operate effective institutions.

AIM is a moral and intellectual center, equipping young scholars to become problem-solvers and effective servant leaders to advance the cause of Christ. The Alpha Institute of Ministry is a specialized educational institution and substantial tuition is not charged to students. Friends of the Institute assist in underwriting the annual operating expenses. The Institute is a free-standing partner with OASIS UNIVERSITY. Donors may assist the operation of the Institute by regular donations.

The actual cost of specialized education is difficult to determine, but the student never pays more than one-fourth of the normal expenses in tuition and fees. The Institute invites businesses, organizations, individuals and families to consider giving to assist students of the Institute through the Y.E.S. Project that grants Tuition Voucher Scholarships and loans to students based on a needs assessment.

The Institute does not give cash grants, but does participate in the Y.E.S. Scholarship Project. The Y.E.S. program permits a reduction in monthly tuition based on an annual needs assessment. For example, if a student’s minimum monthly tuition payment has a demonstrated hardship, the payment could be reduced based on the demonstrated need. Need level one may reduce the monthly payment by 25%; need level two may reduce the monthly payment by 50%. The need levels may be calculated up to 75%, but all students are expected to invest personally in their studies. The Needs Assessment is good for one calendar year and must be assessed again for continued or additional assistance. Those who do not qualify for a grant may apply for a Y.E.S. Loan. The terms will be discussed at the time a Loan Application is completed.


The Y.E.S. Fund is supported by the generosity of Friends of the Institute.